Libby Lavella is a Grammy-nominated singer, vocal coach and producer with a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to private lessons and workshops, Libby’s professional credits involve working on such projects as “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” CW’s “Joey Dakota” and MTV’s “Rock the Cradle.”  Her diverse client base has included both professional and amateur singers, artists, actors and entrepreneurs. Lavella’s holistic approach to her clients’ performance and understanding of the linguistic mechanisms that allow us to vocalize have made her a formidable resource for singers and professional speakers with a wide variety of needs. Former and current students of Libby’s include Pat Monahan, Peter Himmelman, Joe Gebbia, Wendy Melvoin, Asia Chow, Courtney Love, MXMTOON, Mark Webber, Teresa Palmer, Quincy Jones protégés Blush, Beck keyboardist Brian LeBarton, Demi Lovato guitarist Drew Taubenfeld, Avril Lavigne guitarist Devin Bronson, Jaime Lynn Spears, Megan Rose, Chrysalis songwriter Julianna Raye, Vine superstar Andrew B. “King Bach” Bachelor and Daniel Jesus French, multi-instrumentalist for the Chicano alt-folk band Las Cafeteras.

In addition to her vocal coaching, Libby also specializes in the science behind singing, which has allowed her to help people who are recovering from vocal-cord surgery and other damage. The ability to sing without pain or strain is something Libby perhaps appreciates more than most because she herself is a recording artist and working singer. When she isn’t teaching, Libby indulges her love of arranging and harmony with her musical partner Ryland Shelton. Together as The Amber they have performed at such events as the San Francisco International Arts Festival and the Big Horn Music Collective, a three-day celebration of American roots music that takes place atop Southern California’s Mt. Baldy. As a solo artist Libby released three full length albums: Sponge Brain, Sometime In Morning and Live At Largo (Bootlegs), a selection of live recordings taken from a year long residency at one of LA's most revered music venues. 

As a singer, her credits include backup vocals on “Te Perdi,” the debut single from Grammy-nominated artist Gustavo Galindo, for which she received a Grammy nomination. She was a featured vocalist on the Universal Curious George movies “Halloween Special” and lent backup vocals to “Swings Into Spring.” Lavella has also sung with Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions (Mazzy Star), Smash Mouth, Prince associates Wendy & Lisa, jazz-fusion guitarist Frank Gambale and singer Kate Ceberano. Libby has also contributed to the production of albums by Seal, Ricky Martin, and Robi Draco Rosa.