"Libby is a shaman, a priestess, a poet of voice. I can honestly say that she has restored my faith in my own ability to sing without pain or strain. Get to her as quick a you can." PETER HIMMELMAN - Singer/Songwriter/Author

“Libby Lavella is one of the best vocal coaches in CA. She is perceptive, knowledgeable and supportive. She’s also an incredible musician/singer/songwriter in her own right which adds to her ability to understand the artists she works with.” LIS LEWIS - Legendary vocal coach (Rhianna, Miguel, All American Rejects etc)

"To say that Libby is a Godsend would be an understatement. She has helped me immensely in taking my singing career to the next level. As a singer-songwriter, Libby has helped me improve my vocal abilities through teaching me proper technique while also helping me find my own voice. Libby is the reason that I got the opportunity to audition for the producers for Season 13 of NBC’s The Voice, and through her guidance and training, I landed a spot on the show. Leading up to each audition, Libby provided me with thorough warm ups each week to strengthen the weaker areas of my voice and helped me to strategically pick my audition songs based on my strengths. Not only did Libby help me vocally, she made sure that I emotionally connect to each song, and taught me to put my whole self into it until the music completely stops. She even held a “mock blind audition” the week before I left for the real Blind Auditions on The Voice. After my time on The Voice ended, Libby was waiting for me with open arms, ready to hit the ground running with me and keep the momentum going. Shortly after I got back, Libby and I co-wrote my very first single, Too Hard, which she produced. Libby also used her personal connections in the music industry to connect me with publishing companies in Nashville such as Big Yellow Dog and Warner/Chappell. Because of this, I am now cutting songs written by Maren Morris, Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, Tenille Townes and Chris Gelbuda which Libby is also producing. When I first started working with Libby, all I expected was a vocal coach, but she has been so much more than that to me; a producer, a mentor, and a friend." MEGAN ROSE - Singer/Songwriter/Artist (The Voice Season 13)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Libby as my vocal coach since 2008. Libby understood what I needed and how to improve and strengthen not only my voice but also my performance and delivery as a singer. Her guidance as both a vocal coach and fellow singer-songwriter has been invaluable to my career.” GUSTAVO GALINDO – 2012 Grammy Nominated Artist – Best Latin Pop/Rock Album – Universal Recording Artist.

“Libby Lavella is incredible at getting your voice to its optimum capacity. Her technique is effective because it helps you experience how the vocal chords work in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. I recommend Libby to actors, speakers and singers alike: she gets you sounding great, and you’ll have fun learning how to get there!” JESSICA BENDINGER – Screenwriter/Novelist/Producer (Bring It On, Stick It!, Aquamarine, Sex & The City.)

“Before I went to Libby I just plain didn’t sing. People would ask and my response was “Nope, just a keyboard player sorry.” Though I had always wanted to it was something that scared me terribly. After meeting with Libby numerous times I gained the confidence and skill to sing in front of thousands of people and it is another talent I can now put on my resume. Getting compliments about my voice is something I never thought would happen.” BRIAN LEBARTON - Music Director/Musician/Artist (Beck, Feist, Nikka Costa)

"Libby's skill as a voice instructor and mastery of the technical aspects is matched only by her ear for artistic development. I worked with Libby for about 6 months in person before doing about 2 years over Skype. Throughout our time working together, she has helped me come into my own as a singer, finding my own voice and helping me on my artistic path. Libby will never make you sound like some other singer that you may think is "better" than you; she will help you find the best version of your musical self by advancing your technical abilities (stamina, agility, breath control, strengthening) and distilling your idiosyncrasies into a unique, powerful voice." STEVIE WOLF - Singer/Songwriter/Indie Artist

“I found out about Libby a few years back, while trying to find a vocal coach for a female artist I was producing. Even after their first session, there was a noticeable improvement in her tone and stamina. About a year later, out of a desire to improve my own voice and to understand more about ‘the instrument’ in general, I went for a lesson myself. I can honestly say that out of all the lessons I’ve ever taken [instrument or voice – and I went to music school!!], I got the most lasting benefit from my session with Libby. Every time I sing or work with a singer, I think about what I learned from Libby! Like I tell everyone – she’s awesome!!!” JOHN PATERNO – Engineer/Producer/Musician

"When I began studying with Libby I was easily the beginner-est of all beginners. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t hit a note if my life depended on it. Libby, with the warmth and grace that only comes from an expert teacher, worked with me diligently and patiently to help me. All I wanted was to not horribly embarrass myself at karaoke night but working with Libby I got so much more. Libby not only taught me how to sing, but also why we sing. She taught me how our voice is an instrument that any of us can play. It might sound overdramatic, but I am overdramatic so I’m going to say it anyway: Libby helped me find my voice. I truly cannot recommend studying with Libby enough. Now, as a Cartoon Actor and Voice Director myself, I often use the lessons Libby imparted on me be it in the recording booth or just singing a song I just made up to my cat." JAKE GOLDMAN - Voice Director/Voice Actor/Writer

"I vividly recall the first time I sang for Libby: when I finished, she said “do you realize that you swallow after you sing?”  No, I did not. This observation helped lead me to cure the persistent tension in my neck and throat. No previous voice teacher of mine had called me out on this before. This was indicative of the focus, attention and awareness I have been fortunate to receive from Libby at every lesson since then. She draws from a deep well of knowledge about vocal physiology, tone production, breath management, musical repertoire in a variety of genres, songwriting, and also her experience as a professional singer and artist in her own right. I first came to Libby to prepare for the stamina needed on my first international tour, and her assessment of what I needed to reinforce in my technique: to increase power, expression and range, plus a practice and warmup regimen she helped me develop, have continued to prove valuable in the decade since I started working with her and as my career has grown. She is generous with her knowledge and gracefully driven to find solutions for her students. As I have recently moved into a teaching/coaching role myself, I find myself thinking “What would Libby do?” as I work with my own students. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow as a singer, performer and artist." - CELIA CHAVEZ - Singer (P!NK, Enrique Iglesias)/Songwriter/Coach

"Libby’s understanding of the voice and of vocal performance is one of the most in-depth and intuitive in the industry. She has created an approach that not only delivers her immense breadth of knowledge but delivers it in a way that artists understand at their core. Her natural talent for mentoring and artist development places her among my most trusted allies and recommendations; she is invaluable to my development as an artist and she will be to yours, too." RYLAND SHELTON - Actor/Singer/Vocal Coach

“I have been going to Libby Lavella religiously for nearly four years. When I first started going to Libby, I was having issues with my voice blowing out/going hoarse from rehearsals & live gigs. Before Libby, I wasn’t using as many resonance areas- in fact I wasn’t even aware that they existed! By giving me her personalized exercises and one on one coaching over the years, Libby has helped me open & expand areas of my voice & register I didn’t even know I had! I couldn’t have achieved so many of my singing goals without Libby’s help. She always seems to know exactly what you need with the voice, it’s like magic. Libby is also a great artist herself, so she understands how to preserve character in the voice & the importance of developing your unique voice. I call her my “vocal guru” for a reason! This has been one of the most important experiences in shaping my understanding & use of my voice. Plus, as an added perk, she’s got a great personality and is just fun to hang with. Thank you, Libby!!” Alexandra of TWIN TEMPLE – Singer/Songwriter

“Libby is an extraordinary instructor. I took lessons because I wanted to better understand the voice, as an instrument and for arranging. From the first day she was able to get to the root of where I was coming from and where I needed to go and she accomplished it with grace and with dedication. I am truly blessed to have been under her care.” GEORGE SARAH– Composer/Producer

“The time I had spent with Libby Lavella was time I really hold dear to my heart. Not only because of the knowledge and skill that I had obtained from working with Libby, but also because I have realized how much faith she had put into me. It was 2007 and I was 15 years old when we first met. Libby listened to my voice and told me she heard something special there. Honestly, at the time, I thought she told that to everyone, but, anyone who knows Libby will know that she won’t say anything she doesn’t mean. She really went above and beyond by not only helping me with vocal exercises and giving me advice on how to take care of my instrument, she also took her own time to write songs with me, help me produce them in her studio and work on my performance skills. She had so much belief in me that she took it upon herself to send my demos to different music labels contacts and did a photo shoot to help market me. The greatest thing I loved about working with Libby was that she not only gave you the skills you needed, but also pushed you to where you never thought you could go. She was my mentor, my teacher, my friend and someone whom I still truly hold in high esteem.” MONTANA TSAI – Singer/Actress

“I grew up singing in church, choirs, musicals and to my own songs. Despite having years of training, I still needed to learn control. Libby recognized this and designed me a tailor made approach to singing. Under her guidance, I’ve gone through a serious transformation vocally, artistically, and personally. At every session, I walk in knowing I will leave transformed because Libby makes you feel comfortable with being vulnerable enough to grow. The greatest gift Libby has given me though, is our friendship. Through all the sweat, tears, laughs and new discoveries, a kindred spirit emerged into my life. I feel blessed in knowing her. It’s people like Libby, that the world needs more of.” Jess Woodward– Singer/Songwriter/Actress

“I have been a student of Libby’s for approximately 18 months now. In that period I started to receive letters from AARP, so let’s say that I am one of her more ‘mature’ pupils – won’t make American Idol but could do the over 30’s on X factor! Libby is terrific. She diagnosed my vocal dysfunction and then set me off on a path to cure it. I am working hard and I (and others) are really noticing the difference. I must admit that I was at first a little skeptical and ‘agnostic’ about the path she was having me take vocally but now I am a believer. She is a classic teacher – patient, flexible, taking no short cuts, encouraging and with no illusions about what it takes to reach your best; no Hollywood ‘quick fixes’ here! I have to give Libby 5 stars (out of five )." Mark Speakman, M.D.

“I am extremely thankful to Libby for her coaching and singing instruction. When I came to Libby I was shy and had terrible stage fright. With her help I have gained confidence that has spilled into every other part of my life. I have become more successful in my career and gained the ability to sing on stage in front of large crowds without a care! She has changed my life, and I am forever thankful.” Kara Lacey

“Libby is simply AWESOME. She is so much fun, but she is also a great teacher, and I have learned so much. She has given me confidence and a deeper appreciation for the music I love.  She’s the best!!” Michael Martinet – age 16, student